Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh the people of Starbucks...

I still am thinking about this funny lady who was at Starbucks yesterday...

customer: "Do you have any of these Twin Cities mugs for Plymouth?"

me: "No, I think they just make those for the bigger cities."

customer: "Could you request them to make some for Plymouth? They have them for both Houston AND Austin in Texas."

me: "I really think they just make them for the bigger cities."

customer (while walking away): "Well, you do know that St. Cloud is the same size as Austin. Just put in that request."

me: "Sure (I'll get right on that, in a whisper), Have a nice day" (rolling my eyes, as her back is turned away by now)

For real lady? How in the world did St. Cloud get into this conversation? You were asking about PLYMOUTH, a suburb OF the Twin Cities, we did not discuss anything about St. Cloud. Maybe they'd consider St. Cloud in the future, maybe, but Plymouth?
Maybe you're misunderstood about the popularity of Plymouth. Even though it was ranked by some magazine "Top Ten places to live in the US" doesn't mean Starbucks cares enough to make a mug that has a photo of Plymouth Creek Community Center, or Medicine Lake etched in it with the text Plymouth, MN. Because, they'd have to write MN since there are probably 20 other cities in the US that are also called Plymouth.


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Target's Starbucks coupons

I work at Starbucks in Target.

A few times a day we have "guests" who have received a Target coupon for a Starbucks coffee drink. They get printed out at the end of the cashier's sale, nobody knows what the method is for who gets what coupon.

I seriously dislike these coupons. Not because you can save money, but because more often than not, the "guest" doesn't read the coupon correctly. I will agree that it can be a little bit confusing, BUT don't crab at ME when you find out you're saving .70 cents and not $3.00! The coupon states, $3.00 with coupon for a tall caramel frappuccino. Yes, I know it's confusing, tall's are actually small. But, to get back to the $3.00 bit, this doesn't mean that when I say you owe $3.22 after taxes, that you only owe .22 cents! I conversed with a woman for 3minutes about the fact that it said it was $3.00 with the coupon plus tax. She continued to say, okay so here's the $3.00(the coupon) and .22 cents(in change). This happened two times. She couldn't understand what it meant, and towards the end she was almost getting me confused about how it was to be read.
I know that our drinks are expensive, it's true. But, do you actually think we're going to give you THREE DOLLARS OFF?! (not shouting, just emphasizing, and add a little sarcastic flare to it)
The other popular question is, "Wow, they're usually $6.00?" Um, no.

Oh the stories I get to tell, and the people I get to laugh "with."

Starting up again

Wow, it has been a seriously long time since I've blogged.

Major life events have come and gone. Boyfriend. Proex job lost. New job at Starbucks@Target in Ridgedale. Move to new place with friend. Additional job as nanny taken. New Church. Engagement. Nanny job ends. House gets broken into. Wedding Planning. Transfer to new Starbucks Target location in Plymouth. Move into Apt. Marriage. Honeymoon. Life as a wife..... Whew! That's a lot of stuff.

In my one of my last entries, I was optimistic and excited about my job loss, and looking at starting a business, etc. etc. My motivation was soon swept away by demands of a real paying job, positive distraction of my then-boyfriend now-husband, and realizing card-making wasn't going to pay the bills any time soon.

Next up... What am I doing with my life... now?! Where should we live next... and how do we save for a down-payment on a house? Is it possible to live without so much "stuff" and sacrifice space for money savings? Should I go to school for web design or hunker down and be disciplined to teach myself and update my rusty design skills? How do I learn to cook healthy, and why is it so hard to plan meals ahead of time?

These questions and more are what I will be blogging about, of course with some random thoughts and stories sprinkled throughout.

Alright friends. I'm going to try and do this atleast once a week. let's see how I do.

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Monday, July 27, 2009

My time at Temperance

For the last year I've been wanting to make a journey up to the Temperance River to remember my dear friend Julie who gave her life for a friend in that place. Yesterday was the day I finally was able to fulfill my desire, along with a great companion to be whatever I needed. We departed from the cities at an early hour, after not having a full night's sleep, but it was awesome to be up in the Duluth area before 9am.

On the journey up we made the obligatory stop at Tobies for the famously delicious Caramel Rolls (we had Pecan) and some coffee and juice. We wanted to spend some time at Gooseberry and Canal Park, but saved those for the journey back. It's always a good time to take the scenic drive on the way up to Two Harbors, just past there we stopped at a scenic overlook for a few photo ops and rock skipping. As we drew nearer to Temperance I could feel in my spirit a bit of anxiousness. I really didn't know how being there was going to hit me, but I was glad to have a shoulder to cry on if I needed it or just someone to stand beside me in the quiet.

We parked the car, Ryan got out and got our cameras and stuff together while I put on my chacos. I was very quiet the whole time, and just had nothing to say. Even though I really didn't know any details of where things happened, it was all rolling around in my head. We walked down the path on the west side of the road up river. I wanted to know where they were, how it really could have happened. It just didn't seem possible, but I suppose the water is different each year and is unpredictable as well. Last year some friends put a cross and photo of Julie near the river somewhere, but I didn't see anything. I suppose with the year's passing seasons it was taken down or destroyed somehow.

In the time we took to hike around I just really wanted to have fun and enjoy myself, upon first looking out at the places I suspected they could have been I had my tears, but Julie was an adventurer so I celebrated that as well! I didn't have any deeply profound thoughts, but it was just a good time to remember a friend. Remember how we were going to hike and camp and have an adventure!

Today as I sit and write, I realized I could have brought something to throw in the water or something... but I didn't. And it's okay... you don't always NEED symbolism. Sometimes you just need that time and to just 'be' who you are in the moment. I think Julie was good at that, not trying to be anything else when she was in the moment with you.

The rest of the day was a good time too, we walked down to the lake at Temperance and climbed on the rocks that were at the edge of the lake. Found a quiet place and rested for awhile and got some sun in the process.

Gooseberry was the next destination, which is always a great one, but it always seems to be more populated with people. Spent some time there and then journeyed back down to Duluth with a stop at a scenic overlook close to Betty's Pies. We were going to stop in for a pastie, but also wanted to get going and it would take 10mins.. in our impatience we decided to save our appetites for something in Canal Park.

After a little jaunt in the wrong direction, we made it to Canal Park and ate at Grandmas Saloon.. another pretty popular destination. I have to say though, we had an AMAZING Steak Cheese French sandwich with thick sliced beef tenderloin, mushrooms, cheddar, mozzarella, and Philadelphia cream cheese. mmmmmmm...

I need to get going, so no profound ending either. A really great time all in all!

Friday, April 24, 2009

One Step Closer

This last year (April 08 - April 09) has been quite the journey. A year ago I was packing my bags and preparing for my trip home from Australia. Saying good-bye's and making promises about traveling to see friends all over the world. Although the promises were heartfelt and honest, we knew inside that the possiblity of not seeing each other was much greater. It was a mournful, yet exciting time, as I had not seen lifelong friends from home in 7mos. Such strong conflicting emotions.

A year later and new territory is abounding before me in many aspects of my life. Being faced with a job lay-off, trip to Haiti with new people and places within the country, many new relationships, and new opportunities for beginning a business on my own. That has been the story of the new phase of life, and all through the new 'stuff' God is the same yesterday, today, and always... and He is EXCITED to be in these adventures of life with me. That really blows me away... sure I have felt the joy of God and I know He laughs and is so in love with me, but to stop and think He is as excited for what's to come, as I am!

I must say that this last year has not been easy, it has been filled with tears and fears, yet the constant thing that He continued to tell me was that He is my refuge. Hold tight and do not let go, I am bringing you through this and will point you in the direction you are to go. Keep going, Keep trusting and most of all, Keep dreaming... Delight yourself in me, and I will give you the desires of your heart. (psalm 37:4)

So, here I am, in a little over a month I'll be out of a job. I will again, be at the crossroads of "what will I do with my life"... so to speak... I am taking this opportunity to pursue my passions and start designing cards and designing for friends and businesses I find in the periodicals who desperately need an updated logo, etc. etc. Most of all, I am trusting in the Lord for His provision, knowing that He really has my back and won't let me go hungry.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Silent Travelling

This past weekend I went on a roadtrip to see a friend from DTS get married in Cincinatti, Ohio. The other two MN dtsers and I headed out on Friday morning just after the snow had fallen the night before. The first stop on our journey was in Chicago to pick up one more fellow Ywamer and then on to our destination.

To describe my enjoyment of the weekend and the reasons behind it are very random and interesting, but what I want to emphasize tonight is actually what was not said at all.
The silence...
On a roadtrip, even with friends, you aren't always expected to be having conversation. It had been a very long time since I actually had time to just think and imagine... without feeling like I had to think of "important every day" things. I was silently encouraged and inspired to continue to yearn for more and not let myself believe that where I am in life is stuck, or a dead end, or "not good enough." Being in the presence of those who knew where I was last year, was a good reminder to be where I am, yet look past it with excitement and passion to where God may lead me next.. what really kind of blows my mind is that God was whispering things in the silences that at the time I didn't hear... but as I sit here and reflect, I hear the words before me.
I don't have a grandiose plan that God has revealed to me yet about what is next, but I believe there is more and I am choosing to trust Him like never before.
This morning I woke up earlier than normal before work, showered and made some breakfast and sat down to eat and read/journal. I put my iPod on Ten Shekel Shirt's album that has the popular worship tune "Meet with Me"... I also was reading a verse:
Acts 2:25
"I saw the Lord always before me.
because he is at my right hand,
I will not be shaken.
Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue rejoices;
my body also will live in hope,
because you will not abandon me to the grave,
nor will you let your Holy One see decay.
You have made known to me the paths of life;
you will fill me with joy in your presence."
(This is actually a quote from David in the Psalms.)

Shortly thereafter reading, tears came pouring down... I have been thinking a lot about my friend Julie S., who died a couple of months after I returned home from Australia. I think a lot more about death these days as well. I think the tears were another mourning and cleansing sort, mourning loss... loss of my friend and also of the time I spent in Australia. I don't think I realized how much I missed some of those times until I re-visited those memories with friends this weekend. I think that emotion came out today... I feel sometimes that maybe my heart is always going to be torn from places I want to be and people I want to see.
(I think that's a song)

I don't really know how to pull this all together... but felt like sharing it all... thanks for keeping on 'til the end!


Friday, January 23, 2009

Burn Notice

no. not the show on usa.

tonight i decided i needed to wash my norwex antibac cloth but didn't want to do a load of laundry. I decided to boil it... I put it in a pot with water, turned on the stove and headed downstairs to check some emails "quick"..

pause for a short commercial break. if you don't know what norwex is, click here or just be satisfied with knowing they are amazing cloths that you don't have to use chemicals/cleaners/cleansers to clean with.

back to the story..
30/45mins later I heard beeping.. did i put on the timer? hmm... (reality sets in) OH CRAP... I ran upstairs to a smoke filled kitchen/living room (not dark black smoke, though) and the pot on the oven with no water left and smoldering leftover of the cloth. i quickly removed the pot from the burner and ran around frantically opening doors and windows to let the smoke out (and to breathe fresh air). meanwhile the burner was still on and i'm coughing from smoke inhalation. i turned the burner off and stuck my head outside for the second time for some more fresh air during this time i was also waving a towel all around to direct the smoke out and also realized maybe i should set the thermostat down so the heat doesn't try to compensate. then, i had this brilliant idea of bringing the fan upstairs to point out the door to get more smoke out. once i got the fan upstairs and pointed out the door, it didn't seem to be as effective (erin, is this usage of the word correct?) as i first thought, but owell. about 10 minutes later i decided the smoke dissipated enough to close the doors, and i didn't want it to take all night to re-heat the house. this could have been much worse, so if this is at all amusing to you, i don't take offense. i just can't believe myself sometimes.

(i think i switched between writing in present tense to past or vice versa, so if something sounds funny, that's why. i don't feel like combing over it)

i cannot be trusted with leaving anything on the stove... what the heck was i thinking?!! I wonder how bad it is to inhale smoke from a cloth that had a silver lining? my lungs kinda hurt a little, but it's going away gradually.

so, if you ever thought "who would do that anyways" when reading those warnings about leaving something on the stove unattended or candles for that matter... it's me.

Thank the Lord that there were no flames or extensive damage, either!! (atleast I didn't see any flames!)

until next time...


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Happy New Year.... Raheem!

Tomorrow is New Year's Eve... I wish everyone a Happy New Year.

This year was filled with many high highs and low lows. I feel like a broken record, as I mentioned the same thing in the previous post, but it's true. And, on Saturday night, there was one last(hopefully) low, yet not so low at the same time. My dear young friend Raheem from Hopkins Village, Belize passed away due to complications with double pneumonia. His family hurried him to the hospital in Belize City only to find that their ventilator wasn’t working. They tried hand forcing the oxygen but finally Raheem asked for them to stop.
It is such a hard deal. He brought so much joy and life into many peoples lives, yet many days his health was not so good. The days I was able to be with him a couple years ago, were precious ones, filled with many giggles, smiles, and teasing. He was a good teaser. There were also moments where he was in pain, and just wanted to be alone or didn't have a whole lot to say. The last night I saw him, he said this to me, "Good bye Lisa, see you late.. uh next summer or uh sometime... Goodbye" He knew that I might not be back, so he said goodbye.
As much as I'm saddened by this, it also means Raheem is now running, skipping, jumping and swimming along with his sister Cindy who passed about two years ago now. Another cool thing is that this spring/summer Raheem got to live his dream and fly in a helicopter. Amazing.

I just pray now for their family... may comfort be surrounding them, most especially Destiny the last one who also has the disease. There are two other children, Sarah and Josiah... their mother is Vicky and their father is Neal. May they not lose sight of their savior. Emmanuel.. God with Us.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Reflections of Christmas and the New Year

On this eve of Christmas eve, well actually it's 1am, so it IS xmas eve... I sit amongst the gifts I've wrapped and reflect on the time that has passed this year.

MUCH has gone on in my life and in my friends and families lives, as usual, but this last year it just seems like so much more. For me, there were many transitions and changes from travels to several countries, to adjusting back home, figuring out what to do when your plans don't work out, moving out of the 'rents house and finding a job to pay the bills.

My "christmas card" broadly made points on each of these things, but as I listened to this week's sermon online some things became a little clearer. The message title was The Unexpected Cost of Mary's "Yes" and it really got me thinking about the place I am in right now.

Since before I left Australia, the Lord gave me an invitation, to follow in the footsteps of the unknown and trust that He will provide. I accepted an invitation to live life in a different way, to not go back to where I was before I left. I am in new waters... and they are hard to wade through at times. I am constantly reminded that as a culture, what we "do" for a living is highly valued. And for me, when I talk about my "job" and what I do for a "living"... I have these mixed feelings inside. I get a knee jerk when I tell people I work at Ritz Camera/Proex Portraits because my education was for Graphic Design and I just got back from a Discipleship Training School... why am I not a missionary or a designer for some company? I fear that people will judge me because I'm not using my education and I said "no" to going back to my old job where I was making a decent amount more than I do now. Who does that?
If you've followed my blog at all in the last 6mos. you know that my original plans upon returning were to get a job at a coffee shop... get the feel for what it's like. One of my ideas in the future is to own/work for/co-colaborate a coffee shop that incorporates art, music, and loose ministry, and GOOD coffee and tea... a place for people to connect and build relationship.
No jobs were opening up in the coffee shop biz... times are tight... plan b. I didn't have a plan b, and so I desperately found a job at Target... hated it. THen, landed a job at Proex.

Okay, so, what does all this mean and how is this a reflection of Christmas... I think it's a theme for a lot of us, that when we say "yes" to God we don't know what the weight of that yes fully means until we're in the midst of it. Mary didn't know either... but HE did. And He throws a lot of stuff on us that we ourselves can't handle... without Him.

So, this new year, I'm leaning on Him again and often times I will fail to spend as much time with Him as I want to... but I'm going to try harder... not because I should, because I desire and want to...
I'm going to step out in faith and focus on the things I want to do... my greeting card line, and also be in conversation to others about the coffee shop idea. I know God has placed these things on my heart and I want to see what He will do with them.

(p.s. it's actually dec. 26th.. haha)

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Last week was the Novembering service at Open Door.. they set aside specific time to remember those who we've lost in the past year. I didn't know that a part of the sermon would be recounting some of the memories from Julie's death. I felt it again as I heard it the first time, albeit less sobbing and more just free flowing tears, and I realized how close it still felt and still how tragic it happened.

I still really miss her, and still wonder how it can hurt so much when it felt like we'd only known each other for such a short time. In all honesty, there were times since I had gotten back until her death that I wondered if we always really "clicked" or if she really enjoyed my company. I guess that stuff was just my insecurity, maybe because she talked so much of the time and I wondered if she thought it odd that I didn't always have something to say. This much I know now, she was like that with everyone, and that's why we loved her so much. The things she said always had to do with people, because she cared about everyone so much and could tell stories of our lives to her other friends. Of course, it wasn't gossip... most of the time.... :) ;) She just... well.. yeah, she was a story teller.. a really good story teller, and I loved to listen to her.

There was this one time though... I was at home talking to my mom about something "semi" important or atleast it was just a good conversation.. and julie called... the first thing I thought was... hmm, this might be a long convo. but, maybe not. Well, sure enough... we finished making some plans and then somehow she told me all about this other thing that happened on some other day that sort of fit and yet also was definitely a bunny trail. At the end of the conversation we laughed about how the majority of the conversation had nothing to do with the initial call. I went back to the kitchen to find my mom and if I recall correctly, it took us a few minutes to remember what we had been talking about. The thing is, I love stories, especially ones with good/interesting or funny endings... and hers most always had them.

Thanks for listening blog-land... it's good to tell stories and thoughts... I guess it just helps in the process of this. So, this is what remains, it's still hard... 4months or whatever later... and there's no guidebook on grief (okay, maybe there is, but i don't know where it is)... so i just let myself feel what it is at that moment, and not drag it on if it's not there.

yep... so ... love you and miss you still julie... oh wandering sales!

tales of target, fall, and the art in me

The last time I wrote I was in much confusion about where I was headed and how it was going... I was sifting through it. I still am, but I have found a better fitting full time job now, which has brought a certain peace to my soul.

Let's back track a bit before I tell of my new position.

If there was one thing I learned from Target, it was how much I'll appreciate the service from the employees, the ones who put my fitting room items back... and the ones who also put back my returns... and the ones who help me find things and ask "can i help you find something" even though they hate feeling like a bother. I've also learned that it is much harder to begin a conversation being the one who is ringing your purchase because you've said the same things over and over to the guest and after the 5th one, it's hard to be original. I loved when the guest would engage in my question of "how are you today" and ask me the same thing.

The fall went by quickly and technically I suppose it's still fall... but I so enjoyed watching the leaves turn colors. I didn't get to see much of that last year, as I left just as they started to change. I raked leaves in my back yard and took walks around the neighborhood and even biked all the way to Lk Calhoun and back from Hopkins. Although in the fall there were many cries out to God saying "HELP ME, WHAT HAVE I DONE?!"... He's guided my steps and brought me to a place of deep dependence and continuing understanding of being His Beloved.

About two weeks ago during a spiritual direction session a question was posed to me that maybe painting and creating in my Rabbi's presence is something he is calling me to, things that are only for Him and for nobody else. Creating things for Him, just because. Going back to the basics and not worrying about color theory, concept, or layout... just putting colors on paper and seeing what happens. The times I have done this have been kind of theraputic, and oftentimes hard because I always have this dialog going in my head thinking about concepts and fonts and layouts. Getting out of that mind-set is hard, but I think it is essential to learn before I go deeper into starting any kind of business. (I'm not saying it's totally on hold... just on stand-by, if you will)
As I look back over the last years, everything I've ever created (aside from photos and personal things) has always been "for something"... be it a customer, family member, friend, school assignment, or projects during DTS (I always felt like my paintings had to measure up to something). In all of those scenarios, there was someone I was trying to impress or do my best for.. it wasn't all wrong, but if you don't have balance, it's not a good thing. During outreach I was really faced with these things... so afraid that my paintings wouldn't be "good enough" and could I even be called an artist. For so long, I've wrapped a lot of my identity in being an artist, when the truest thing about me to the core is that I am God's Beloved, His child. He loves the gifts he has given me, but they alone don't make me who I am. He desires for me to use them but not find myself in them. As an artist, it is hard to be balanced and put yourself into a creation, yet have a separation knowing that if it doesn't meet someone's expectations it doesn't mean you personally have failed. Even in writing that, I confuse where the line is and have a hard time explaning the concept. I guess I'm still articulating it, but what I know is true is that I need to spend time creating just to create... for my Abba.. and for nobody else... and if at some point I decide to use some of those things in the future, so be it. But, I do know that some of those things are for Him and Him only.

I was going to write about my current job now, but I think it makes more sense to just leave this post as is... until next time...

cheers, mate!

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Time to start writing again

It's time... there are many thoughts running through my head tonight. There have been for many nights, it's just that I haven't made the time to write because somehow it feels like work, even though I know it will be good when I finally get it all out.

Three weeks ago I made a decision to move out of my parents house and moved in with a friend and one of her friends. We live in Hopkins, in a little house, and it actually has a white picket fence around the backyard. It's this great deal for rent and has a basement where I can set up my desk/computer AND easel etc. to paint.
I felt the pull to get out on my own, and at this point I don't know if it was "God's leading" or just me feeling the need to move out of my parents' house. God bless 'em, they were great for letting me take their space, but it was time.
Moving out meant finding a job... somewhere, anywhere.. (close that is) and one place that is ALWAYS hiring is Target. These things happened fast, and before I knew it I got this job and now I'm working about 40hrs/wk... and I'm asking myself... What am I doing? No, this is not the perfect fit for me, but I need to pay the bills I've now chosen to take on with moving.
It's not ideal, and often I feel I may have made the leap a little too soon. I am accepting the place where I'm at right now, but I can't pretend that it's easy or say that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that these were the right decisions. I do know that the Lord is still with me in this place I am in... He's in the struggle within me.

What I do know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that God is leading me into new and unknown waters, and it is extremely scary. I often feel like I'm on a rollercoaster of feelings... thoughts of excitement about what free-lancing and painting might look like, but then to be contrasted with thoughts wondering if I really can make it work and ever survive without another income.

I still have yet to land on a name for my free-lancing company... the one I have been tossing around is LizBec Design... but when I tell others, they don't give me the impression that it's a great name. It's not ALL about what others think, but it does make a difference and I'm still not even sold on it.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Just Design it!

That's a terrible play on words... or I don't even know if it's a play on words... it's instead of "Just Do it"... you know, Nike.

Anyways... I've kicked myself in the butt and decided that the only best time to start this free-lancing I keep talking about is NOW. The present... if I don't just start, I'll never do anything, it'll always be... "I'll start when I get a full time job, or when the summer ends, or when pigs fly... basically... and I don't want that to happen.

SO...... here we go... I don't know exactly where the best place is to start, except that figuring out a name for myself, my company is probably a good place. That's where I get stuck... Lisa's Designs is boring... I want something that's me, but isn't overboard. Anybody out there like to play with words or come up with ideas?? Heelllp!

What do you need from me to help YOU brainstorm? Let me know...


Thursday, July 03, 2008

remembering julie... and the struggle of the process

Last week in the midst of my thursday I heard some terrible news. A friend that I had reconnected with, a few months before I left for Australia, died in a tragic death at the Temperance River.

The last 7days have been rough. I've struggled with many thoughts... such as... I didn't know her as long as some, why am I so upset? Of course I'm upset, she was an amazing woman who connected with others and was intentional about where she invested her time. I was honored to be invested in, and invest in her in return.

As I type this, images of her run through my mind. I think we connected on a deep level without even having loads of deep conversations. I just knew she cared about our friendship and where it was going... I think we both knew that it was going to be long lasting. I think that's where the hit comes so hard, I was so looking forward to spending time getting to know her more. We were supposed to counsel together in a couple of weeks at the jr high Angel Tree camp, which happened to be held at the same camp we both counseled at back in the summer of 1999. At that time, as I've been sharing with others lately, Julie and I never really spoke much and the only reason I can come up with is because my best friend was counseling with me that summer. I really wish the circumstances back then were different, but in this last year it was our joke that "we never spoke back then, not a word."

I brought up a question or struggle last night as I was posting on a wall of a friend on facebook... i said,

"i've wrestled sometimes with knowing what/how to pray... except for comfort and peace. sometimes, truthfully(- using in tribute to julie) i tire of praying it over and again, i want there to be something else to say".

And also, truthfully there are more words to say to my God in heaven, my abba father, but the words are just my struggle and i want to have words that feel like they are "helping" in some way or something. I know God knows my heart, and he's not interested in my exact wording... I guess just showing up is even enough sometimes. But then, sometimes I struggle saying "I'm praying for you, or my prayers are with you" to others because in this specific situation I really don't have the words to pray. Can you pray for others without words? Or maybe it's that I really don't give it as much thought, i give up with the words. i don't know... just processing this as i type. any thoughts out there?

Thanks for listening to my ramblings tonight.

I guess this begins my posts at Random Lisa Thoughts... although it sounds like blogging is especially rare these days...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Look to: from now on

Hello my friends... I will no longer be posting here, so like the title says... go to: for posts leading up to and as I am in Australia.

peace out-

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Q. Where does tie dye come from?

A. Africa

This was another one of those "kids say the darndest things"... this time it was Sarah.

I was commenting on her shirt because it was a pretty tie dye pink swirl. So she says, "I know where tie dye comes from!" So I say, "where?" And she replies, "from Africa" I asked, "how did you find that out?" "From a TV show about Africa, they were making tie dye shirts."

So, there you have it.... Where tie dye comes from, by Sarah, age 6.

Soon to come is an entry about one of my childhood hang-out places being knocked down. It even comes with pictures. Until then....


Sunday, August 26, 2007

Kids say the Darndest things

My sister and the fam were here this weekend. On Friday evening, my sister, Pat and I went to the place we're getting our tattoos to plan what we wanted. It was good to get some inspiration and to make sure he can do what each of us wanted.

On Saturday afternoon I had some time to play with Sarah and Josh... here's a little excerpt from one conversation.

While swinging on the bench swing on the swing set with Sarah and Josh I was saying how much I loved them both. I leaned over and pecked each of their heads. I didn't quite get Josh's head, but knew he realized what I was doing. He said something and then stood up on the swing and grabbed at the top of the canopy. I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I was catching your kiss, it floated up to the ceiling."
I love that boy... he's really into blowing kisses, and if you don't catch his kisses, he gets upset! :) cutie.